A Neo-Con Mindset On Libya

Grandma might be getting her social security check taken away, fire fighters are getting pink slips throughout the country and your taxes are going to have to get raised to astronomical levels but hot damn we’re invading Libya. By the way, it’s going to cost $100,000,000 a week. Don’t like that? You don’t want to go to war? OMG LOL It’s the clash of the civilizations! If you’re not with us you’re with…cha cha cha…Al Qaeda! Oooy Boogy Boogy!


An Open Letter To All United States Service Men And Women About To Fight In Libya

            Dear United States Service Men and Women,

            When you joined the service you took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies both foreign and domestic. You did not take an oath to follow any order no matter how odious. With a new war in Libya being launched it may be time to apply that oath to a real life situation.

            President Obama has decided to use military action against Quadaffi for “humanitarian” reasons. No matter the merits of that argument, for which there are none, President Obama is fighting an unconstitutional war. Article One, Section Eight of the United States Constitution states,” Congress…Shall have power to declare war.” I have not seen, nor expect to see, war declared against Libya. Acting like some Caesar of old, Obama has decreed United States Armed Forces will be used against the Libyan government. Check and Balances are myths in the world of Obama. There is only his word and no others shall be uttered.

            By participating in this war you are breaking your oath. Any war that is not officially declared by Congress is unconstitutional and illegal. Even though every war since World War 2 was an undeclared war it still does not make it legal. Ignoring any part of the Constitution invalidates the rest of the document for there is no longer the need to uphold any other part if you are as wishy-washy about the Constitution as a cafeteria Catholic is to the Catholic Church. If you take part in this war, and I’ll even look the other way about Iraq and Afghanistan for right now (those are wrong too), you are an accessory to the crimes of the President. You are not part of Barack Obama’s private army.

            If you are not swayed by a constitutional argument perhaps you will be swayed by an argument on the ethics, the economic consequences and the severe geo-political blowback that will no doubt ensue from a war with Libya.

            The United States is not the policeman of the world. Nor should it be. And you are not a global cop. Middle Eastern politics are irrational and boggle the mind of westerners who try to understand it. Oppressive regimes, civil strife and inter-nation war are the name of the game. If a nation wanted to somehow bring order out of this chaos they would fall flat on their face, as we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan. This nation has a dying dollar, a collapsing economy, a national debt mathematically impossible to ever pay back and a federal government hell bent on making conditions even worse. We have no business bending foreign nations to our will at the barrel of a gun. We need to tend to our own borders. Leave North Africa to the North Africans.  Otherwise our empire will die as blood pools on the hot desert sand.

            The United States is broke. The Federal Reserve keeps printing the worthless bank notes, the national debt rises higher and higher and Americans are pushed more and more towards penury and starvation. How can a new war that it will cost the taxpayers billions of dollars be justified when America is in a depression? It cannot. Don’t take any politician seriously when he talks about cutting spending on one side of his mouth and talks about starting a war out of the other.

            On that fateful day when you walked into the recruitment office, you wanted to go overseas to protect America from the scourge of terrorism. If you are part of the war in Libya, you are securing another safe haven for Al Qaeda. The leaders of the “rebellion” against Gadhafi are old-line Al Qaeda members!

            In 1996, western intelligence agencies were bankrolling an Al Qaeda cell controlled by Osama Bin Laden that was plotting to assassinate Gadhafi. In March of that year, Libyan intelligence forces, according to a report issued by French intelligence experts, foiled the plot.

            The western media fails mention that in 1998 Libya was the first nation in the world to issue an arrest warrant against Osama Bin Laden while he was taking refuge in Libya. This move was blocked by Western intelligence agencies, allowing Bin Laden to escape Libya unharmed. With the arrest warrant being blocked, Bin Laden was able to mastermind the bombing of the American embassy in Kenya later that year, killing 200 people and eventually 9/11.

            Obviously Al Qaeda has an axe to grind with Gadhafi. The leaders of the rebels, who are being portrayed as “peaceful protestors”, are former members of the terrorist cell that was broken up by Gadhdafi’s forces 15 years ago.

            By overthrowing Gadhafi, the west is overthrowing someone who has fought Al Qaeda and other Islamic extremists for a very long time. If Gadhafi is overthrown the regime that will overtake him will be a supporter of Muslim extremism and terrorism.  Al Qaeda, France, Great Britain, the United States and Canada are on the same page. They both want Gadhafi out of power.  If you follow your orders and take part in this war, you will be helping terrorism flourish in the world by making one more nation safe for terrorists.

            What I am going to ask you to do will not be easy. Doing the right thing never is. I am asking you to disobey your orders. Refuse to take part in this war. There is no law that says you have to obey every order you are given under penalty of law. Think about it. By being a willing participant in a war against Libya you are violating your oath to uphold the Constitution, holding America’s hand down the road to financial ruin and helping Al Qaeda. Did you join the armed services to do this? Did you walk into that recruitment office hoping to help Al Qaeda? Did you want to lead this nation into the pits of financial hell? Did you want to use the Constitution as kindling? I did not think so.

            Do not take this as a sleight. I know you think you have this nation’s best interest at heart. I know you think what you are doing is right. I am saddened you were never given access to the information that would have enabled you to make an informed decision before you joined. But I am asking you now, from the bottom of my heart, to do what is right. Refuse your orders. Take the moral high ground while you still can. Otherwise, you are nothing but a tool that Barack Obama and the New World Order can use to bludgeon anyone who stand in their way.

            I hope I have changed your mind. If not then we will see who was right in the end.

Sincerely yours,

The Dissident Conservative

Steve Jobs: The Greatest President Ever

My sister was learning about past American presidents in grade school. She asked me who my favorite was. I cleared my throat and thought about it for a few seconds. I could have went with an easy answer like Lincoln or FDR (a fan of neither) or gone with my personal favorite, Grover Cleveland. That would have been an easy answer. I had to dig deeper, think deeper. A light bulb came to life in my head. I had it! My favorite President of all time is…Steve Jobs!


Steve Jobs is the greatest industrialist since Henry Ford. The inventor of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, President and co-founder of Apple Computers; his gifts to human civilization are immense.


Unlike Barack Obama and almost every other President, he has done no harm. Steve Jobs is not putting a gun to your head to make you buy an iPod. Steve Jobs is not forcing you to give him money so his regime can fight illegal, unjust wars. Participation in Steve Job’s organization is completely voluntary. You can opt-out at any time.


Steve Jobs puts out a product that people actually want. What does the President of the United States push? Taxes, crushing regulations, death, destruction, forced penury and war; Steve Jobs pushes happiness and products that bring you both spiritual and intellectual enlightenment.


The media and public school system tell us to worship tax-feeding bureaucrats like Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. They tell us we should aspire to be like the George Bushes and Barack Obamas of the world. While the true heroes, the ones we should aspire to be are living in Silicone Valley. They are creating heaven on Earth through innovation and mechanics. While Presidents and their underlings are stunting the growth of the dynamic human spirit while robbing us blind, men like Steve Jobs are giving us the tools to explore space; both inner and outer.


Steve Jobs has done more for the world than any government can even aspire to. He is one of the greatest men alive in our time. His inventions, his products and his business tactics will be copied and remembered throughout time. For that, and that alone, he is the greatest President to ever walk the Earth.

Michelle Bachman Voted For The Patriot Act And Supports Endless Wars

            Michele Bachman loves to pontificate to the whole world on why the Constitution should be followed. She can talk about it all she wants but when the task comes to uphold the Constitution she shreds it like a year old bank statement.


            Michelle Bachman voted to extend the Patriot Act last week. The Patriot Act ushered in a police state in this country that crushes souls and takes away the sovereignty of each and every individual living in the United States.


            You have no more privacy. Your right to free speech is impinged upon. Exercising your right of transportation is viewed as suspect. Your home is no longer your castle. You have no more rights. You are chattel. You can thank the Patriot Act for that.


            The Founders attached the Bill of Rights to the Constitution so the liberties of the American people would be protected from the Federal Government. They had the foresight to put into law rigid restrictions on the Federal power structure. They knew when the State obtains more power the freedoms of its people go to the wayside.


            Don’t tell that to these supposed ‘freedom fighters’! These Republicans pay lip service to the Constitution but kill it. Congress Critters like Michelle Bachman don’t care about the Constitution. They only care about what their warmongering neo-conservative friends have to say.  As long as they can keep the welfare/warfare machine turning the Koch brothers will keep the gravy train rolling and neo-con warmongers like Bill Kristol will write glowing reviews about them in their magazines.


            Michelle Bachman is just like Sarah Palin. They both have cutesy Midwest accents that make them seem appealing to every Tom, Dick and Harry working in a coalmine. They both set themselves up as leaders of the Tea Party movement. And they both hate freedom. These two jackals have turned a movement once populated with patriots and fed it to the neo-con hive mind. They led the Tea Party… into the slaughterhouse!


            The Tea Party is now nothing more than the retarded conjoined twin of the tyranny-loving wing of the Republican Party. The Tea Party has relegated itself to future obscurity and political death. It will go away like every single genuine political movement from the New Left to the Carter-era conservative movement that were hijacked by oligarchs and warmongers.


            Ron Paul is surging in the polls because conservatives and wishy-washy libertarians are realizing that he is the only true path for freedom in our time. Michelle Bachman discredits herself every time she opens her mouth. Lets hope no one else falls for her tyrannical tendencies. 

Putting The Pussy On The Pedestal: A Cautionary Tale

            I spent my entire young adult life chasing women. Oh, some were goddesses. They radiated sexuality and the curves of their bodies hinted at what would be possible if you just put a little more effort into reaching that hallowed ground. Some weren’t that special but try telling me that then. I followed them like a lost puppy dog. Reason and self-control went through the window. I sank below them and become a guideless hermaphrodite. I put the girls on a pedestal while devoting one hundred percent of my energy on them. I fell into a trap. I wasted my time.

            I remember Amber like it was yesterday. She was the aloof girl that all the guys want to have in bed but is so lost in her fog you won’t pull her out without getting lost in her transitory mists.

            I met her one late night riding in a friend’s car. We went to pick her up at the end of her shift at some grease spoon restaurant in the middle of a grimy Long Island industrial park.

Her hair was red, her eyes spoke of innumerable surprises waiting for one patient enough to exhume them and she smelled of heaven itself. Just listening to her talk was intoxicating. From that moment on I was bewitched and knew I would follow her to the ends of the Earth. 

That night was the catalyst for my months of misery and discontent. Sure, there were fun times. But I got snared in her web. I was induced into her circle of bitchy unfulfilled girl friends and white trash that dress like clowns just for kicks (not hyperbole). She pulled me around like a dog on a leash while I drooled and asked for more. I was in love and damn the obstacles.

I professed my love to her on many occasions. I went in with aces high but was shot down every time. I knew she loved me. Why would she swat me down? Was she a sadist? Or was she rejecting me because she was on the pedestal like a goddess and knew she was nothing but an abstract in my head and could dick me around for as long as she wished?

Amber was a free spirit, not in the good way. She did whatever her backward instincts told her. The fact she left bodies in her wake mattered little to her.

Half the time I tried to call her she would claim exhaustion. While she laid out this buffet of lies reality was kicking in. She loved being around men…men that were not I.

Depression kicked in. I spiraled into a whirlwind of conflicting emotions. One moment I’d be happy and carefree. The next I would be soul crushingly depressed. The next I would be driven to anger so great that only a force of God could keep me contained.

My life was turning to steam. My career was suffering. My writing output was minimal to non-existent.

Why was my life being destroyed? I believed I needed female companionship to be successful in life. I believed I was nothing without a girl at my side.

She pervaded my dreams. Every night she and I would profess love for each other. Every time I would wake up at the moment of physical expression. It haunted me. It taunted me with the fruit I could never procure.

My dreams were my worst enemy. They eventually came into my favor, like all good double- edged swords do.

In the ether, we were in a factory of some sort with monolithic machines creating nameless items for nameless consumers. Amber was wearing a white dress, matching perfectly with her pale white skin. Her ruby red hair had bone white lilies around the fringes in a broken crown. I was naked, hairy, in the form of a great ape.

She led me around the machines. She always dancing, always bouncing, and always skipping.  I ran clumsily behind her, always tripping in my lack of coordination.

She turned her head to me and grinned. She said,” You must take my hand. Taking my hand will take us to the promised land.”

I reached for her hand. She pulled it away from me and ran on.

I ran after Amber some more. I always came close but never quite reached her.

I grew tired of the chase. I became angry. I punched the ground as hard as I could with my ape arms. The world shook.

I pulled in the hardest breath I could and roared,” I will take no more of this! You are always running! I am always chasing! No more! You have caused me nothing but misery and heartache! You believe yourself an unattainable goddess, but you are just a girl! You mean nothing to me. You may be wearing flowers in your hair but they just hide the aloof and hungry monster waiting inside! You have no more power over me, Amber!  I will succeed in life without you. I no longer need you. I am free! I am a man!”

The hair receded. I became a man once more. She gave me one more look. Her eyes shot white beams of light and she disappeared in a flash of heavenly light. The world disappeared. I woke up.

I felt liberated after that dream. I was running around Amber like a chicken with its head cut off. I had lost sight of what really matters: my self and my well -being. I thought I needed a woman in my life to make me complete. I didn’t. Even though the company of the fairer sex is always a pleasure, thinking you need one of them to be successful in life is a crock. Women are great. But I had been spending almost all of my energies on one single girl while my life fell apart around me.

The next day I let loose on Amber and it was not pretty. I am known for having a quick mouth with a sinister edge. I have a tendency to use my language to make you feel small, to make you reevaluate your life and realize you are nothing but a useless cog in the machine; kill yourself for you are unworthy unto me. I called her axel grease, a reptilian monster let loose upon the Earth to lower the standards and a perky little whore who will only amount to a buck fifty an hour.

Amber cried, she cried some more and she cried even more. But I felt liberated. The monkey was off my back. I was now able to take on the world once more without the burden of a broken piece of tail.

Like most males my age, I had been sold a lie. Liberals have been telling us that women are goddesses on a pedestal to be worshipped by all men without restraint. You don’t need to make money, find inner enlightenment or find success in your chosen field to be a success. No, you need a woman around to complete you. You must chase them or you are less than a man. You are unworthy unto them. You are a dumb slob who is only kept around by benevolent women for your seed and seed alone.

You can see this social dynamic being shoved down our throats every day on television ads. The man sitting on the couch with dead beady eyes and mouth open wide with a thin bead of spittle running down his shirt. He is always in the wrong for his stupidity is unmatched; comparing him to a caveman is injudicious to cavemen around the world. He has no guide in life. The woman comes in and sets the man straight. She is standing erect like a statue. Her eyes blaze with intelligence and infinite understanding of the universe. Her bosom is proportional with the rest of her body; perfect symmetry of the anatomy. She is the head of the roost, the master of the lodge. She is Athena re-born. Who would you listen to?

Men must ignore the social programming. It is doing nothing but turning us into effeminate little wimps who will always be kept down by ruby red high heels. Women are not glowing pieces of flesh with mysteries to be decoded only by the most daring. They are just people like you and me. They, like everyone else on this Earth, hold as much mystery as a Twinkie.

If men spent as much energy making money, on their writing or on their politics, this world would be a paradise. Poverty would be irrelevant, books rivaling the Odyssey would be published on a daily basis and men like Barack Obama would be lucky making a living sucking quarters out of vending machines.

My life after I broke the social programming has not been perfect but it is better than it was before. My head is not clouded with conflicting thoughts of violence and ennui. I feel better, I eat better, I sleep better and I work better.

The results speak for themselves. I am as happy as I can be and she has made a turn for the worse. She is living in a backwards-mutant trailer park town on the ass end of Long Island with a fat troglodyte with fat rolls that undulate like the tides of the ocean.

One day I will be living happy and rich, both financially and emotionally. She will be poverty-stricken living in a trailer with five-cracker spawn that she breast feeds until they are twenty.

There is life outside of the liberal sexual paradigm. Not is there just life but there is good living. You should break it too. You’ll be searching for my address to send me thank you notes.

Obama: Neo-Mercantilist

I always get annoyed when Barack Obama is called a socialist or Marxist. This annoyance does not come from any kind of pent up love and affection for the man. Nay, I just call it like it is. The economic system Barack Obama follows is not capitalism or communism but neo-mercantilism.              


            Mercantilism was a dominant economic system set up in the Late Renaissance and Early Modern period in Europe. Even though it had its roots in parts throughout Europe; especially in the non-free market section of Spain’s Salamanca school, it got the most traction in Great Britain. British merchant Thomas Mun was considered one of mercantilism’s greatest proponents.


            Mercantilism is the mistaken belief that the prosperity of a state is wholly dependent upon its supply of capital, the global balance of trade is unchangeable (unchangeable as in a zero sum game) and that one party may only benefit at the expense of another. In a nutshell, the government has to manage the economy through a protectionist trade policy (either towards domestic corporations or friends of the current regime) using prohibitive taxation, tariffs or extremely restrictive licenses to do business and the total confiscation of gold and silver in favor of domestic monetary units.


            What is a neo-mercantilist? Instead of viewing trade and commerce as between nations, as the old mercantilists used to posit, it views all trade in the domestic market as trade between nations. In neo-mercantilism all economic activity between two parties that are not supporters of the state should be clamped down by excessive taxation and restrictive licensing laws to start and maintain a business. It also incorporates aspects of Socialism, with redistribution of wealth and the control of the means of economic production. There is also a smattering of Keynesianism; a school of thought heavily influenced by mercantilism, where government must infuse the economy with massive spending to boost start the market.


            This fallacious system is alive and well with the Obama regime. If it isn’t him giving waivers from Obamacare to companies that supported his election campaign like McDonald’s, his giving General Electric (one of his biggest supporters) cart blanche to build a clean burning coal plant while burdening every other company that produces coal fuel with taxes and regulations that leave them bankrupt and Obama giving General Electric a special waiver from his oppressive ‘global warming laws’ while leaving other businesses to eat cake.     


            Mercantilism died when it was torn apart by great thinkers like Adam Smith, David Hume, Dudley North and John Locke. Reality also dealt mercantilism a fatal blow. When food prices went up, when factories were closing and people were left homeless on the streets people got angry and kicked the bums who supported this dastardly system out of office and into the streets. Mercantilism was one of the major stimuli that kick started the American Revolution; even if ghouls like Alexander Hamilton only wanted to replace one economic dictator for one born and raised in the U.S.A.


            Neo-mercantilism will die like its much-maligned grandfather. Reality will set in, when food prices sore and affordable energy is a thing of the past, people will get mad. When people lose everything, they lose it. All politics comes down to the pocket book. These elites think they can squash all commerce that does not favor them; even when that competition is by leaps and bounds more economically efficient than they are. Free markets are the only true natural economic order. It is human nature. Any impingement on this system through any sort of economic central planning is a perversion of human nature. Economic central planning is just as bad as a child molestation or infanticide.


            Obama is not a socialist. His economic policy does have elements of Marxism. But, the Marxist argument is a way to get you arguing over that while Obama and his cronies swoop in and discredit every argument you make. He is a neo-mercantilist. That fact is irrefutable. He is killing this country and economy through this foolish policy. Attack him on this. It might be a bit heady for some Americans. I have faith in the intelligence of the American people. So should you.


I Have No Faith In Sarah Palin

We are ruled by statist politicians with messiah complexes. Let us no longer turn politicians into tiny messiahs or we will forever bear the consequences of a society ran by messianic figures and their false idol of central planning. We live in the wreckage such small men and women create.


No matter what side of the aisle they sit, their bible is force and their vicar is central planning. We can look at Presidents of the last 50 years and we see in them the worst our society has to offer; from WASPS with country club Connecticut accents to Harvard graduates with shady backgrounds.


Even ones marketed as our supposed saviors are of this ilk. Take Sarah Palin, she is the Mama Bear from Alaska who can kill and skin a moose before you can say Marco Polo. She, or her handlers, market her as a true independent conservative come onto Earth to save us from the evils of big government, reverse the tyranny of leviathan and she even says some nice words against the Federal Reserve; she’s also easy on the eyes. We are told to have faith in Palin but I’d rather kneel before Moloch before I prostrate before her or any politician.


Why do you have such harsh words for Palin, you say? She represents everything I stand against. Her foreign policy is Straussian, her domestic policy is liberal populist and she supports a leviathan state that takes the power upon itself to regulate what  you imbibe and what services you partake.


She will say nice words to conservatives and libertarians that make people on both persuasions weak at the knees. She will say she will let you smoke a joint but still support a no-win war on drugs that steals men’s freedoms and wastes money on a fight that we cannot win. She goes to advocates of gun rights, telling them she supports their rights, yet she will nary take a single action towards the liberalization of gun laws. She will say nice words about the Constitution while using it as toilet paper.


Aye, she will sit in a smoke filled backroom while ten old men plot the destruction of this country. Just like Obama, she will set herself up as Christ before her followers while not implementing any of the positions she advocated while running for office. In short, she will do what every single Republican president has done, sell out their positions while absconding our freedoms. They will whispers sweet nothings that sound right to their base, while undermining this country behind conservative’s backs.


There is only one politician I trust on the national scene: Ron Paul. All others are lying to you, all others have nothing substantial to say, all others support the leviathan Federal Government and all others will work to have this country go the same direction as Rome; to the dust heap of history to be picked apart and studied by scholars of long dead civilizations.