I Have No Faith In Sarah Palin

We are ruled by statist politicians with messiah complexes. Let us no longer turn politicians into tiny messiahs or we will forever bear the consequences of a society ran by messianic figures and their false idol of central planning. We live in the wreckage such small men and women create.


No matter what side of the aisle they sit, their bible is force and their vicar is central planning. We can look at Presidents of the last 50 years and we see in them the worst our society has to offer; from WASPS with country club Connecticut accents to Harvard graduates with shady backgrounds.


Even ones marketed as our supposed saviors are of this ilk. Take Sarah Palin, she is the Mama Bear from Alaska who can kill and skin a moose before you can say Marco Polo. She, or her handlers, market her as a true independent conservative come onto Earth to save us from the evils of big government, reverse the tyranny of leviathan and she even says some nice words against the Federal Reserve; she’s also easy on the eyes. We are told to have faith in Palin but I’d rather kneel before Moloch before I prostrate before her or any politician.


Why do you have such harsh words for Palin, you say? She represents everything I stand against. Her foreign policy is Straussian, her domestic policy is liberal populist and she supports a leviathan state that takes the power upon itself to regulate what  you imbibe and what services you partake.


She will say nice words to conservatives and libertarians that make people on both persuasions weak at the knees. She will say she will let you smoke a joint but still support a no-win war on drugs that steals men’s freedoms and wastes money on a fight that we cannot win. She goes to advocates of gun rights, telling them she supports their rights, yet she will nary take a single action towards the liberalization of gun laws. She will say nice words about the Constitution while using it as toilet paper.


Aye, she will sit in a smoke filled backroom while ten old men plot the destruction of this country. Just like Obama, she will set herself up as Christ before her followers while not implementing any of the positions she advocated while running for office. In short, she will do what every single Republican president has done, sell out their positions while absconding our freedoms. They will whispers sweet nothings that sound right to their base, while undermining this country behind conservative’s backs.


There is only one politician I trust on the national scene: Ron Paul. All others are lying to you, all others have nothing substantial to say, all others support the leviathan Federal Government and all others will work to have this country go the same direction as Rome; to the dust heap of history to be picked apart and studied by scholars of long dead civilizations.



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