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State Sponsored Multiculturalism Is A Failure: British Prime Minister David Cameron

State sponsored multiculturalism has two goals. The first goal is to destroy the idea of the nation state. When you have immigrants from every country in the world rushing into your nation, borders become useless lines on a map and without borders the idea of a sovereign nation becomes toast. Liberals and men without nations would love to get rid of sovereign governments so they could consolidate the power into their hands and out of yours’.  The second goal is to start a race or class war between the natives of your country and the new underclass of foreigners. When you have a class war, your government can create an even bigger domestic government to crack down on the liberties of your people.
Great Britain is the hallmark of what multiculturalism can be. Britain, once a proud nation, has become a third rate power. Their borders are something kids learn about only abstractly in school. Arabs have invaded the city of London, turning it into Baghdad Jr. The whites that had the means moved out of the city and into the suburbs. The ancient cockney accent is dead. The common British accent contains traces of the Pakistani dialect. The whites left behind in the cities are being forced into penury. There is an evening out of wages, where the unskilled immigrants and the native British are about to become the same. Tempers are hot. The climate in Britain is full of gas waiting for a spark. They can thank their own government.
It is a positive development that U.K. Prime Minister, David Cameron, has come out publicly against multiculturalism. His country is no longer the land of the ancient Celts. It is no longer the nation of Queen Elizabeth. That huckster John Maynard Keynes has surpassed Adam Smith. Shakespeare is thought a relic of the past to butcher excerpts from his plays, while romance novels are read as great literature. The Koran has surpassed the Bible. All this while those socialist warmongers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown twiddled their thumbs.
David Cameron is not someone I consider a great politician or conservative. The most conservative policy ever suggested by him was rescinding the ban on fox hunting. His national healthcare system is destroying his country bit by bit. That old hag, the Queen, is still running rampant in this poor excuse of a free country.
But David Cameron is right that multiculturalism must be stopped. It is destroying England. Cameron is wrong on most things but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. He is right. He deserves an honorable mention.
Good job, Dave baby!