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A Neo-Con Mindset On Libya

Grandma might be getting her social security check taken away, fire fighters are getting pink slips throughout the country and your taxes are going to have to get raised to astronomical levels but hot damn we’re invading Libya. By the way, it’s going to cost $100,000,000 a week. Don’t like that? You don’t want to go to war? OMG LOL It’s the clash of the civilizations! If you’re not with us you’re with…cha cha cha…Al Qaeda! Oooy Boogy Boogy!


An Open Letter To All United States Service Men And Women About To Fight In Libya

            Dear United States Service Men and Women,

            When you joined the service you took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies both foreign and domestic. You did not take an oath to follow any order no matter how odious. With a new war in Libya being launched it may be time to apply that oath to a real life situation.

            President Obama has decided to use military action against Quadaffi for “humanitarian” reasons. No matter the merits of that argument, for which there are none, President Obama is fighting an unconstitutional war. Article One, Section Eight of the United States Constitution states,” Congress…Shall have power to declare war.” I have not seen, nor expect to see, war declared against Libya. Acting like some Caesar of old, Obama has decreed United States Armed Forces will be used against the Libyan government. Check and Balances are myths in the world of Obama. There is only his word and no others shall be uttered.

            By participating in this war you are breaking your oath. Any war that is not officially declared by Congress is unconstitutional and illegal. Even though every war since World War 2 was an undeclared war it still does not make it legal. Ignoring any part of the Constitution invalidates the rest of the document for there is no longer the need to uphold any other part if you are as wishy-washy about the Constitution as a cafeteria Catholic is to the Catholic Church. If you take part in this war, and I’ll even look the other way about Iraq and Afghanistan for right now (those are wrong too), you are an accessory to the crimes of the President. You are not part of Barack Obama’s private army.

            If you are not swayed by a constitutional argument perhaps you will be swayed by an argument on the ethics, the economic consequences and the severe geo-political blowback that will no doubt ensue from a war with Libya.

            The United States is not the policeman of the world. Nor should it be. And you are not a global cop. Middle Eastern politics are irrational and boggle the mind of westerners who try to understand it. Oppressive regimes, civil strife and inter-nation war are the name of the game. If a nation wanted to somehow bring order out of this chaos they would fall flat on their face, as we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan. This nation has a dying dollar, a collapsing economy, a national debt mathematically impossible to ever pay back and a federal government hell bent on making conditions even worse. We have no business bending foreign nations to our will at the barrel of a gun. We need to tend to our own borders. Leave North Africa to the North Africans.  Otherwise our empire will die as blood pools on the hot desert sand.

            The United States is broke. The Federal Reserve keeps printing the worthless bank notes, the national debt rises higher and higher and Americans are pushed more and more towards penury and starvation. How can a new war that it will cost the taxpayers billions of dollars be justified when America is in a depression? It cannot. Don’t take any politician seriously when he talks about cutting spending on one side of his mouth and talks about starting a war out of the other.

            On that fateful day when you walked into the recruitment office, you wanted to go overseas to protect America from the scourge of terrorism. If you are part of the war in Libya, you are securing another safe haven for Al Qaeda. The leaders of the “rebellion” against Gadhafi are old-line Al Qaeda members!

            In 1996, western intelligence agencies were bankrolling an Al Qaeda cell controlled by Osama Bin Laden that was plotting to assassinate Gadhafi. In March of that year, Libyan intelligence forces, according to a report issued by French intelligence experts, foiled the plot.

            The western media fails mention that in 1998 Libya was the first nation in the world to issue an arrest warrant against Osama Bin Laden while he was taking refuge in Libya. This move was blocked by Western intelligence agencies, allowing Bin Laden to escape Libya unharmed. With the arrest warrant being blocked, Bin Laden was able to mastermind the bombing of the American embassy in Kenya later that year, killing 200 people and eventually 9/11.

            Obviously Al Qaeda has an axe to grind with Gadhafi. The leaders of the rebels, who are being portrayed as “peaceful protestors”, are former members of the terrorist cell that was broken up by Gadhdafi’s forces 15 years ago.

            By overthrowing Gadhafi, the west is overthrowing someone who has fought Al Qaeda and other Islamic extremists for a very long time. If Gadhafi is overthrown the regime that will overtake him will be a supporter of Muslim extremism and terrorism.  Al Qaeda, France, Great Britain, the United States and Canada are on the same page. They both want Gadhafi out of power.  If you follow your orders and take part in this war, you will be helping terrorism flourish in the world by making one more nation safe for terrorists.

            What I am going to ask you to do will not be easy. Doing the right thing never is. I am asking you to disobey your orders. Refuse to take part in this war. There is no law that says you have to obey every order you are given under penalty of law. Think about it. By being a willing participant in a war against Libya you are violating your oath to uphold the Constitution, holding America’s hand down the road to financial ruin and helping Al Qaeda. Did you join the armed services to do this? Did you walk into that recruitment office hoping to help Al Qaeda? Did you want to lead this nation into the pits of financial hell? Did you want to use the Constitution as kindling? I did not think so.

            Do not take this as a sleight. I know you think you have this nation’s best interest at heart. I know you think what you are doing is right. I am saddened you were never given access to the information that would have enabled you to make an informed decision before you joined. But I am asking you now, from the bottom of my heart, to do what is right. Refuse your orders. Take the moral high ground while you still can. Otherwise, you are nothing but a tool that Barack Obama and the New World Order can use to bludgeon anyone who stand in their way.

            I hope I have changed your mind. If not then we will see who was right in the end.

Sincerely yours,

The Dissident Conservative