Steve Jobs: The Greatest President Ever

My sister was learning about past American presidents in grade school. She asked me who my favorite was. I cleared my throat and thought about it for a few seconds. I could have went with an easy answer like Lincoln or FDR (a fan of neither) or gone with my personal favorite, Grover Cleveland. That would have been an easy answer. I had to dig deeper, think deeper. A light bulb came to life in my head. I had it! My favorite President of all time is…Steve Jobs!


Steve Jobs is the greatest industrialist since Henry Ford. The inventor of the iPod, iPhone and iPad, President and co-founder of Apple Computers; his gifts to human civilization are immense.


Unlike Barack Obama and almost every other President, he has done no harm. Steve Jobs is not putting a gun to your head to make you buy an iPod. Steve Jobs is not forcing you to give him money so his regime can fight illegal, unjust wars. Participation in Steve Job’s organization is completely voluntary. You can opt-out at any time.


Steve Jobs puts out a product that people actually want. What does the President of the United States push? Taxes, crushing regulations, death, destruction, forced penury and war; Steve Jobs pushes happiness and products that bring you both spiritual and intellectual enlightenment.


The media and public school system tell us to worship tax-feeding bureaucrats like Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. They tell us we should aspire to be like the George Bushes and Barack Obamas of the world. While the true heroes, the ones we should aspire to be are living in Silicone Valley. They are creating heaven on Earth through innovation and mechanics. While Presidents and their underlings are stunting the growth of the dynamic human spirit while robbing us blind, men like Steve Jobs are giving us the tools to explore space; both inner and outer.


Steve Jobs has done more for the world than any government can even aspire to. He is one of the greatest men alive in our time. His inventions, his products and his business tactics will be copied and remembered throughout time. For that, and that alone, he is the greatest President to ever walk the Earth.


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