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Michelle Bachman Voted For The Patriot Act And Supports Endless Wars

            Michele Bachman loves to pontificate to the whole world on why the Constitution should be followed. She can talk about it all she wants but when the task comes to uphold the Constitution she shreds it like a year old bank statement.


            Michelle Bachman voted to extend the Patriot Act last week. The Patriot Act ushered in a police state in this country that crushes souls and takes away the sovereignty of each and every individual living in the United States.


            You have no more privacy. Your right to free speech is impinged upon. Exercising your right of transportation is viewed as suspect. Your home is no longer your castle. You have no more rights. You are chattel. You can thank the Patriot Act for that.


            The Founders attached the Bill of Rights to the Constitution so the liberties of the American people would be protected from the Federal Government. They had the foresight to put into law rigid restrictions on the Federal power structure. They knew when the State obtains more power the freedoms of its people go to the wayside.


            Don’t tell that to these supposed ‘freedom fighters’! These Republicans pay lip service to the Constitution but kill it. Congress Critters like Michelle Bachman don’t care about the Constitution. They only care about what their warmongering neo-conservative friends have to say.  As long as they can keep the welfare/warfare machine turning the Koch brothers will keep the gravy train rolling and neo-con warmongers like Bill Kristol will write glowing reviews about them in their magazines.


            Michelle Bachman is just like Sarah Palin. They both have cutesy Midwest accents that make them seem appealing to every Tom, Dick and Harry working in a coalmine. They both set themselves up as leaders of the Tea Party movement. And they both hate freedom. These two jackals have turned a movement once populated with patriots and fed it to the neo-con hive mind. They led the Tea Party… into the slaughterhouse!


            The Tea Party is now nothing more than the retarded conjoined twin of the tyranny-loving wing of the Republican Party. The Tea Party has relegated itself to future obscurity and political death. It will go away like every single genuine political movement from the New Left to the Carter-era conservative movement that were hijacked by oligarchs and warmongers.


            Ron Paul is surging in the polls because conservatives and wishy-washy libertarians are realizing that he is the only true path for freedom in our time. Michelle Bachman discredits herself every time she opens her mouth. Lets hope no one else falls for her tyrannical tendencies. 


I Have No Faith In Sarah Palin

We are ruled by statist politicians with messiah complexes. Let us no longer turn politicians into tiny messiahs or we will forever bear the consequences of a society ran by messianic figures and their false idol of central planning. We live in the wreckage such small men and women create.


No matter what side of the aisle they sit, their bible is force and their vicar is central planning. We can look at Presidents of the last 50 years and we see in them the worst our society has to offer; from WASPS with country club Connecticut accents to Harvard graduates with shady backgrounds.


Even ones marketed as our supposed saviors are of this ilk. Take Sarah Palin, she is the Mama Bear from Alaska who can kill and skin a moose before you can say Marco Polo. She, or her handlers, market her as a true independent conservative come onto Earth to save us from the evils of big government, reverse the tyranny of leviathan and she even says some nice words against the Federal Reserve; she’s also easy on the eyes. We are told to have faith in Palin but I’d rather kneel before Moloch before I prostrate before her or any politician.


Why do you have such harsh words for Palin, you say? She represents everything I stand against. Her foreign policy is Straussian, her domestic policy is liberal populist and she supports a leviathan state that takes the power upon itself to regulate what  you imbibe and what services you partake.


She will say nice words to conservatives and libertarians that make people on both persuasions weak at the knees. She will say she will let you smoke a joint but still support a no-win war on drugs that steals men’s freedoms and wastes money on a fight that we cannot win. She goes to advocates of gun rights, telling them she supports their rights, yet she will nary take a single action towards the liberalization of gun laws. She will say nice words about the Constitution while using it as toilet paper.


Aye, she will sit in a smoke filled backroom while ten old men plot the destruction of this country. Just like Obama, she will set herself up as Christ before her followers while not implementing any of the positions she advocated while running for office. In short, she will do what every single Republican president has done, sell out their positions while absconding our freedoms. They will whispers sweet nothings that sound right to their base, while undermining this country behind conservative’s backs.


There is only one politician I trust on the national scene: Ron Paul. All others are lying to you, all others have nothing substantial to say, all others support the leviathan Federal Government and all others will work to have this country go the same direction as Rome; to the dust heap of history to be picked apart and studied by scholars of long dead civilizations.


Patriot Act On The Precipice Of Death, Napolitano Says Terror Attack Imminent

The Patriot Act has failed to be extended in the newly Republican House. In what has to just be a coincidence, DHS chief Janet Napolitano is pimping a heightened terror attack threat once more.
The Patriot Act is the most severe attack upon the civil liberties of Americans since the Alien and Sedition Act. With this law still in effect, the Constitution is just a bunch of words printed on a fading piece of paper. This law enables the Federal government to have rolling wiretaps, conduct searches with a warrant written by a federal agent, implant listening devices in your home without any notification, lock you in prison without habeas corpus and if you say anything to anybody they’ll lock your ass up indefinitely.
Government coerces you to accept its power through the barrel of a gun. The more power it gets, the more oppressive its demands become. The more oppressive its demands become, bigger and bigger do their guns become.
If you believe that the United States government only has your best interests at heart I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. They may say they are protecting you from Habib Mubopbop. Reality dictates they are grabbing more power away from you so they can accrue even more into their hands; standard operating procedure for government.
Because of the degradation of intelligence in society, they can grab more power with little to no opposition. You want to repeal this law? Well, that smelly goat herder over there wants to blow up your city and cut your head off. By the way, your girlfriend sounded hot last night. Hope she’s not pregnant.
I have never trusted these elevated terror “threats” the DHS sends out whenever something happens that is not to their liking. Patriot Act is defanged? Terror attack imminent! Pro-freedom candidates are going to win an election? Terror attack imminent!
These terror warnings are nothing but Chicken Little cries that the sky is falling. They have to produce no evidence to the public to justify these warnings. Since these warnings are convenient to the national security establishment, they make them up whole from cloth. What better way to get people to voluntarily give up freedom than to stick the threat of imminent demise in their face? No threat imminent? Make it up! They’re just sheep anyway!
In reality, these false terror threats are meant to illicit a Pavlovian response in the populace. If you do something enough, your subject will eventually do whatever it is you want on a certain prompt. If the government keeps on saying a terror attack is imminent unless the people give up even more rights, people will keep on following that prompt until they are packed in concentration camps.
We live in a police state. I would much rather face the threat of dying in a terrorist attack than be a slave my whole life.
Janet Napolitano and the whole national ‘security’ establishment is scared to death of the Patriot Act not passing. The Patriot Act is the biggest threat to your liberties ever devised. Having no rights, having no freedom is what the government needs. When a society is free government has no power. That is why they must take it away. Otherwise, what use is a useless government to professional bureaucrats? It is worth naught.
I am trying not to sound like a pessimist. I do see some positives coming down the creek. The American people are wising up. They no longer hold up what their government says as sacred writ. The office of the President has been wholly delegitimized. Distrust of government is at a historical new high. And it seems the new Tea Party class of Republicans in Congress is following the Constitution like they said they would.
There is one more hurdle for the expiration of the Patriot Act to go through. The Senate must vote to not extend this bill and kill it like it should have been killed almost ten years ago.
America can’t wait. The Patriot Act must be sent to the dustbins of history.